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Posted by Gustaf Neumann on
actually, not only: the xotcl stuff has the same license as xotcl itself, which is BSD based. tcl, tcllib, postgres hav a very similar license.

But, it complains only about Apache Software license, academic free license (never heard about it before) and the php license. i wonder, how the classification of licenses is done. if found the 4 files with the PHP license in acs-templating/www/resources/xinha-nightly/plugins/ImageManager
which are just part of the xinha tar ball and can be dropped without much harm. Where are the files with the Apache and the "academic free license"? I would like to have a button or an overview page, where one can see the license and metric values of ohloh.

if you look around, about every larger project lists some conflicts. I wonder, why distributing packages with different license from one place is a problem (all linux distributions would have the same).