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Posted by Antonio Pisano on
Dear Mr. Murray,

the dotLRN project is still active and in use in a few places, such as the Vienna Univertity for Economics and Buisiness, although some of the features we deliver there are implemented via locally-developed modules that are not part of the code you can find here.

We do not offer a payment system integration right now, but apart from that, most of the use cases you have listed we could support. However, you might find the learning curve rather steep if the goal is to run a self-operated LMS and you might need some kind of technical support and customizations.

Concerning scalability, dotLRN and OpenACS are proven to be highly scalable and able to run systems with thousands of cuncurrent users.

To check whether dotLRN can be suitable for you, the easiest way is to install the underlying OpenACS system on a server of your choice and then install dotLRN on top of that. There are two options:

- Linux installation
- Windows installation (for Windows paid support is available, if needed, on the linked website)

In case you want to proceed, please first get OpenACS running via one of those methods and then we could help you further.

My best regards