Forum OpenACS Development: Re: API Browser Support for Other Programming Languages

I have been wondering lately, as I already have an „ad_proc to OpenAPI“ converter, to go the other way around to generate the server code based of an OpenAPI specification. Main reason is to get into an API First development approach, which is driven by the specification and not by ad_proc documentation block (though the latter part works, it‘s just, well,... not what others do 😉).

This being said, we could (in the same route) actually use the OpenAPI Specification to create ad_procs for REMOTE functions, allowing you to call extended functionality with procedures available in the API Browser. Then you are not only language independent but also independent of the Webbrowser.

=> „Microservice to the rescue“ (*cough* ..... not to be taken seriously, < /sarcasm>).

What do others think of this approach (turn OpenAPI.yml into ad_procs during parse time) - would this be of interest? And would be do this on run time (so we could reload the OpenAPI.yml to dynamically add procs) or just to parse and create „static“ generated-from-OpenAPI-procs.tcl files