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Posted by Jeff Rogers on
How stable is the CVS head revision (or maybe the head of oacs-5-10?)

I installed from the 5.9.1 release; at least a few bugfixes have been checked into CVS that I'd like to pull in, but the single revision diffs can't be applied on their own because there are other changes that preceded them. Is the unreleased 5.10 stable enough on its own yet, or should I wait for a release + upgrade path or hand-patch the diffs I'm interested in?

Also, I'm not a CVS hater and not looking to start a SCM debate, but it does feel a bit archaic; are there any plans to move the main repo to something else?

2: Re: CVS head (response to 1)
Posted by Gustaf Neumann on
It is currently recommended to use oacs-5-10. This is the version to be the next release. Don't try to use the HEAD version.

The move to CVS is on the agenda, but won't happen before the release of OpenACS 5.10. There is a version of OpenACS on github, which is synced on a daily basis. Most of the work missing for a final move to Git is a rewrite of the tagging/apm packaging code and guidelines, .... and some support to ease the handling a a few hundred git repositories that we have now.