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Posted by Bernard Devlin on
Hi Antonio

Thanks for your reply.

I've since discovered the nsdbi alternative to ns_db. I think this will do what I want without installing the database api from OpenACS. It could be that as I learn more with Naviserver I'll have reason to use more of what OpenACS provides.

Basically I want a programmable webserver with straightforward relational database access. It's beyond me why so few developers want this niche filled. In the Nginx world it appears that OpenResty is reinventing the wheel that is Naviserver.

Incidentally I have been working with PostgREST. They laud the speed of their Haskell/Postgresql combo, saying that people will be surprised at the responsiveness of such a compiled solution. Well, I've tested it against Naviserver and they are as fast as each other. Only Naviserver allows one to do so much more in the webserver itself.

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