Forum OpenACS Development: Re: OpenACS/NaviServer docker images using s6-overlay

Posted by Gustaf Neumann on
I have added the bootstrap3-theme and whats needed to use the Theme to the Dockerfile and updated the pull request.
Posted by Vlad V on

fix: migrated oacs to version 5.10 and naviserver to version 4.99.21


  • Dockerfile:
    • using git archive
    • using tag instead version
    • install openacs-bootstrap3-theme
    • install and configure extra OpenACS packages
  • Code:
    • avoid error message about not-yet-created tables for initial installs (rootfs/var/www/openacs/www/SYSTEM/openacs-test.tcl )
    • added missing file ( rootfs/usr/local/ns/conf/install-oacs-core-config.xml )
  • Docs:
    • fix some names (capitalize)
Posted by Gustaf Neumann on
Dear Vlad, many thanks, this is very nice.

In case, you have not noticed, i've added more more pull request to the the naming of configuration variables more consistent (using always "OACS_" as prefix, and not "OA_" for the port). .. Just a small change, but better to be done, before too many instances depend on the naming.

all the best