Forum OpenACS Q&A: Fatal: modload: failed to load module '/opt/ns/lib/thread2.8.6/'

Im trying to install OpenACS using script from But when I try to start OpenACS it gives error in
Notice: modload: loading module libthread from file /opt/ns/lib/thread2.8.6/
[23/Apr/2021:13:25:37][1269.7f725e2bb800][-main:oacs-5-9-1-] Error: modload: /opt/ns/lib/thread2.8.6/ cannot find symbol "Ns_ModuleInit": /opt/ns/lib/thread2.8                              .6/ undefined symbol: _Ns_ModuleInit
[23/Apr/2021:13:25:37][1269.7f725e2bb800][-main:oacs-5-9-1-] Fatal: modload: failed to load module '/opt/ns/lib/thread2.8.6/'
The message means that you are trying to load a version of libthread into NaviServer without module support.

I think, the problem is the following: installs (installed) per default libthread 2.8.5 (and configures it correctly), but tcl-8.6.11 comes with version 2.8.6 and configures it on default without NaviServer support. Since the config-file of OpenACS tries to load the newest version of libthread, it picks the wrong one (the version without NaviServer support).

I've updated install-ns on github to use libthread 2.8.6 , hope this helps.

It works fine now, thank you Gustaf
Good news, many thanks for the feedback!