Forum OpenACS Development: Re: letsencrypt error on renew

Posted by Raul Rodriguez on
I updated naviserver+letsencrypt. I am now getting this error:
[28/Apr/2021:20:15:26][694.7fcbf574b700][-conn:mysite:default:0:362-] Error: can't connect to port 80: operation now in progress
:        while executing
:    "ns_http run -timeout 5.0 $wellknown_url"
:        (procedure ":authorizeDomain" line 43)
:        invoked from within
:    ":authorizeDomain $auth_url [dict get $id value]"
:        (procedure "getCertificate" line 111)
:        invoked from within
:    "$c getCertificate"
:        ("uplevel" body line 879)
:        invoked from within
:    "uplevel {
:        #
:    # letsencrypt.tcl --
:    #
:    #   A small Let's Encrypt client for NaviServer implemented in Tcl,
:    #   supporting the ACME v2 interface of let..."
:        (procedure "code::tcl::/var/www/mysite//packages/acs-subsite/www/admin/l..." line 2)
:        invoked from within
:    "code::tcl::$__adp_stub"
:        ("uplevel" body line 12)
:        invoked from within
:    "uplevel {
Posted by Gustaf Neumann on
Dear Raul,

have you edited the error message? i wonder because of the use of "". The error message means that the server could not open a connection to the site, sometimes related with DNS problems. If you see this, and you can open the connection to the mentioned URL by other means, it helps sometimes to run the script again.