Forum OpenACS Development: Announcement: Integration of Zoom/BBB/Jupyter/.... into OpenACS/DotLRN

Dear all,

As a side-product of the Corona pandemic we made a small package available to integrate various external tools into OpenACS, include tools for video conferencing (such as Zoom and BigBlueButton) or Jupyter Notebooks. These are the tools we have in regular use. In general, many more tools might be integrated the same way, provided they are compliant with the LTI (1.0) standard.

For setup and configuration, see Accessing LTI services from OpenACS. The package requires oacs-5-10.

This is a welcomed feature. I read the Accessing LTI services from OpenACS page but I need specific details to know where to add the configuration.
I'm also wondering if this would work with ?
I'm also wondering if this would work with ?

Kenneth, I see no reason, why this should be impossible. In order to use LTI-services, you have to (a) install the OpenACS LTI package [1] on a recent version of OpenACS (oacs-5-10), (b) install/configure/access the services you want to call via LTI (e.g. install BigBlueButton and configure it), (c) add the necessary parameter to the LTI configuration (e.g. in the configuration file, see [1]), and (d) decide, where in your OpenACS installation you want to launch the service (e.g. from a wiki page).