Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: How to correctly configure the reverse proxy.

Posted by Gustaf Neumann on

hi Tony, great that you see some progress.

When i said "please upgrade" this means "get the server with the modules from the same release". Always get matching versions (as distributed in the modules tar file from sourceforge).

The approach you are following is not a good one, since the newly introduced loop will bring all other revproxy requests to a halt. When i try in my setup uploads via revproxy, everything works fine, no matter how large the file is.

i have currently a big backlog, so the earliest time i could look at this is this weekend, where other projects are waiting. To provide a setup similar to yours will take some time. I have lost track, what your exact setup is (there was so much time between my replies and your answers)?

Assume, C, R and T are the involved programs, where C is the client, R is the reverse proxy and T is the target server.

     C <-> R <-> T

Is the communication between CR and RT plain text or https?

What is the operating system of R and T? When these are running in Docker environments, the OS inside docker counts.

Are C, R and T running on different hosts?

Are you aware on performance/bandwidth problems on T?