Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: How to correctly configure the reverse proxy.

Posted by Tony Kirkham on

The communication between CR is https and RT is http

Our host system is CentOS 7 running on a VM. We are running Docker on this system with each server in its own container (all on this host). They are all on the same network and reference each other via container names rather than ip addresses. As I understand it, this set-up should be very fast. I don't know where there would be any bandwidth problems on T or otherwise.

Just for reference, the first set-up we were working with:

R (NaviServer 4.99.18 on CentOS 7 container) <-> T (Node 12.22.1 on Debian - container node:12-slim)

The upgraded system is a little different. We are moving away from CentOS due to its end-of-life announcement:

R (NaviServer 4.99.20 on Ubuntu 20.04.1) <-> T (Node 12.22.1 on Debian - container node:12-slim)

Sorry, this took me a bit to get to. Thank you for your insight and help.