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Posted by Siqsuruq Siqsuruq on
Hello, I just want to ask if .LRN is abandoned project? I wanted to install it for my chinese study group?
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Posted by Gustaf Neumann on
install it via apm: get oacs-5-10, then install from local (when you have a CVS checkout) or from repo... should work.

You might want to use it with the boostrap-based skin (you have to activate it).


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Posted by Siqsuruq Siqsuruq on
Sorry may be it's a trivial question, but I have no experience with OpenACS whatsoever, Ive tried to understand how it works before but gave up because couldnt figure out how to do simple tasks. So I've installed OpenACS and .LRN on my test VirtualBox. I have created classes and terms. Now I want some kind of "Home Page". So I figure out I need to create index.adp and index.tcl from some Tutorial. Ok my question is how do I show news on my "Home Page" for users who are not logged in? What do I need to add to my adp file?
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Posted by Antonio Pisano on
Dear Siqsuruq,

by default .LRN will also install the news package, which will be mounted at the /news/ path of your website. You could put your news there and unauthenticated users will be able to access that page and see them (readonly, of course).

If you want the /news/ page to be the starting page of your website, you can set the IndexRedirect parameter of your main subsite to "/news/". To do so, go to the subsite administration (/admin/ path of your website) and click on "Parameters". In the page you will find the IndexRedirect parameter.

Hope this helps. We could give you further tips in case.