Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: Where to set upload file size and expand html code in news and forum?

I am looking to increase the file upload size on version 5.10.

Setting the permitted upload size works the same way in OpenACS 5.10 as in all previous OpenACS releases. The maximum file upload is defined in the NaviServer/AOLserver configuration file, it can be set via tcl variable "max_file_upload_mb" [1], or in case, you have no variable in your configuration variable, set it via parameter "maxinput" for the network driver (nssock or nsssl).

accept html code in the news and forum post.
you probably mean that you want to use the rich-text editor.... This can be activated via parameter "UseHtmlAreaForRichtextP" in "ACS Templating" (navigate to /acs-admin/ for setting the parameters of services).... and don't forget to install a rich-text editor package (e.g. richtext-ckeditor4).

Hope this helps.