Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: OpenACS clustering setup and how it relates to xotcl-core.

The line you are showing is from compiling tdom. The install-ns script does not try to enforce same compiler flags for all packages, one has to care about this separately (already the tcl packages have different flags definitions).

Assuming have have a recent install-ns configured for naviserver 4.99.22 and tcl8.6.11, the following command make sure, tcl + naviserver is complied with "-g":

cd  /usr/local/src/naviserver-4.99.22
make clean all install "CFLAGS_OPTIMIZE=-O2 -g"

cd /usr/local/src/tcl8.6.11/unix
make clean all "CFLAGS_OPTIMIZE=-O2 -g"
(cd  /usr/local/src/tcl8.6.11/unix/pkgs/thread2.8.6; make clean all "CFLAGS_DEFAULT=-O2 -g -DNS_AOLSERVER=1 -I/usr/local/ns/include")
make install

Is there a parameter that does this or a compile option?

no, ... and given the different is would not be feasible (how should a call to nsv_* know by itself that this is for caching or not). For caching via ns_cache_* it would be relative simple. Depending on the application, deactivating caching is still the lower hanging fruit...