Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: OpenACS clustering setup and how it relates to xotcl-core.

Hi Gustaf,

In looking closer at the docker image that I build with naviserver it appears that we are built with naviserver-4.99.22. In my /usr/local/src/ directory the 'wget' from ' build' pulled down naviserver-4.99.22.tar.gz and unpacked it and compiled it.

Once this was done I ran the commands you gave me to clean and compile again with debug symbols

cd  /usr/local/src/naviserver-4.99.22
make clean all install "CFLAGS_OPTIMIZE=-O2 -g"
cd /usr/local/src/tcl8.6.11/unix
make clean all "CFLAGS_OPTIMIZE=-O2 -g"
(cd  /usr/local/src/tcl8.6.11/unix/pkgs/thread2.8.6; make clean all "CFLAGS_DEFAULT=-O2 -g -DNS_AOLSERVER=1 -I/usr/local/ns/include")
make install

Also when we hit our live site with Chrome browser it reports in the HTML headers that it is using Server: NaviServer/4.99.22.

In our docker image (which has starting base of Ubuntu 20.04) I also brought down gdb debugger and that is what I used to get the backtrace along with the nsd that was compiled and installed in /usr/local/ns/bin/nsd

 gdb /usr/local/ns/bin/nsd /usr/local/ns/core_1/core.1

Was this the right nsd executable to run with the core file? Any Idea how could we have gotten the wrong debug symbols?