Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: OpenACS clustering setup and how it relates to xotcl-core.

Hi Marty,

Concerning the the driver names (nssock_v4, nssock_v4, nsssl_v4, nsssl_v6): the names *v4 and *v6 are deprecated and not used in the recommended configuration file: the plain communication is just called "nssock", secure is "nsssl" [1]. The necessity for that somewhat hacky suffix was removed with the introduction of NaviServer 4.99.19 (1.5 years ago) which supports multiple IP addresses registered to a single driver [2]. Unless you have to support older versions of NaviServer, i would recommend to switch to the prefix-less version.

When i have some more time, i should setup a cluster for testing, i see many things in the old server-cluster-procs.tcl which should be streamlined and modernized. The code with the prefixes should not go to the common repository.

In case you want to make the intra-server talk via SSL, this will slowdown the communication relative to the figures i've posted above. So, i would not recommend it. But certainly, in case a company policy requires that all communications (including intranet) have to be secure, the code should support it. Otherwise restricting access to the HTTP port via firewall allowing via firewall for a few selected hosts should be ok.