Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: OpenACS clustering setup and how it relates to xotcl-core.

Dear Marty,

Just now, I have committed an overhauled and streamlined version of the caching infrastructure to oacs-5-10 in CVS. Everything uses now the new infrastructures, the code should be now more in line with modern NaviServer capabilities (IPv6, multiple IP addresses and multiple ports per server, global vs. local network drivers, etc.).

Since the cluster servers are provided as IP addresses, there is no configuration about the protocol (HTTP vs. HTTPS); so for the time being, all servers have to listen (in addition to the public port) on a plain HTTP port for cluster operations. This restriction can be lifted probably in the future, but first, the basics should work correctly.

In my setup, i have set essentially the CanonicalServer to"" and ClusterPeerIP to "", which works now essentially. When you test the cluster configuration, please update to the newest code in oacs-5-10 to avoid the problems i faced.

all the best

Thanks Gustaf,

I will pull the latest and try it. I did test the pervious version with cachingmode=none with the latest openACS 5.10 changes as of ~Oct 10th. It worked great from my testing. 1.59s in the 95th percentile. So I thought that was great.

I also verified that there was no caching with parameters

I will let you know what I find with the latest pull.

Thanks! Marty