Forum OpenACS Development: Re: Performance boost for older installations

Posted by Gustaf Neumann on
The fix will go into the upgrade scripts of the 5.3 series.

If you are running 5.2 and postgres, and you do not want to wait or you do not want to upgrade soon to 5.3 (for unknown reasons) do the following:

  • connect the the database via psql
  • \df content_revision__new
  • if you see 7 versions of content_revision__new, everything is fine, nothing to be done.
  • if you see 4 versions, you should source the mentioned .sql-file.
  • if you are running 5.1 (or something earlier) the fix might help or not. i have no such animal around. In general, sourcing the .sql stored procedures of the accompanying version should not harm. Any way, i would recommend to make a database dump before sourcing the .sql-file in case you destroy something.

    Hope this answers your questions...

    best regards
    -gustaf neumann

Posted by Brian Fenton on
Hi Gustaf,

That's very interesting. Do you know if something similar could be done with Oracle or is it a Postgres-only improvement? I have some old OpenACS systems running on Oracle that would enjoy a boost like that!


Posted by Gustaf Neumann on
That case is purely postgres specific. In general, it is possible that similar cases lurk around at at other places as well.

A good exercise would be to load "old" data into a new schema. Postgres has a --schema-only and --data-only flag for dumping the database. In theory it should be possible to build a new schema based on the modules, save the schema and load the original data on top of this....

no idea, whether oracle supports this as well...