Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: How to customize installing openacs-s6 stack to connect w/ postgres on the host?

We are not able to access the postgres on the host from within the s6 container. Should we still edit the files anyway?

My guess is that you are trying from the wrong container. I am using docker-desktop on my development machine (similar programs are there as well for all OSes). With that, you can open a console via the GUI (2nd button from the left)

inside the container, you have a somewhat minimal Linux, where you might have to load more packages to get your usual working environment. I for my part usually install vi to be able to edit config files.

i did try the bridge, redefining host etc... there are so many options and ways to do it - still confusing for me.

It is true, docker is not the simplest for starters, especially if it does not work. It took me as well a while to get a vague understanding. With docker-compose, one is pulling in also multiple images to start with, which can also change, which is sometimes good and sometimes bad (like a Linux distribution)