Forum OpenACS Q&A: Arch Linux install notes

Posted by Tyge Cawthon on
First and foremost, thank you for packaging OpenACS on Arch Linux.

For the people that support OpenACS Arch linux packaging here are a few notes:
1. /etc/naviserver/config-oacs-5.10.0.tcl
the db_name is oacs-5-9 should be changed to oacs-5-10-0 to match new database created.

2. /usr/lib/openacs - permissions default are root:root
should be nsadmin:nsadmin
chown -R nsadmin:nsadmin ./openacs/

Excellent job. :)

Posted by Markus Moser on
Hi Tyge,
Thanks for sharing your insights!

I've updated the pkgbuild:
db_name is now set to oacs-5-10 as default.

The post_install script should already set the permissions of /usr/lib/openacs to nsadmin:nsadmin:

chown -R ${oacs_user}:${oacs_group} ${oacs_dir}

There could be cases where the post_install script is not run, possibly after an upgrade. The assumption is that it was already called during the first install.