Forum OpenACS Development: Re: Fresh install of OpenACS 5.10 on Oracle 19c

Posted by Gustaf Neumann on
Dear all,

one can now install the tip version of the oacs-5-10 branch including the following packages below in Oracle 19c. These are the packages, when "xowiki" is being installed, which also exercises the queries on the database schema substantially.

So far this needed 37 changes. One can search for these changes on Fisheye (thanks Stefan!) by searching for the commits containing "19c":

all the best

acs-admin               ACS Site-Wide Administration  5.10.0
acs-api-browser         ACS API Browser               5.10.0
acs-authentication      ACS Authentication            5.10.0
acs-automated-testing   ACS Automated Testing         5.10.0
acs-bootstrap-installer ACS Bootstrap Installer       5.10.0
acs-content-repository  ACS Content Repository        5.10.0
acs-core-docs           ACS Core Documentation        5.10.0
acs-datetime            ACS Date and Time Utilities   5.10.0
acs-events              ACS Events                    0.6.2d5
acs-kernel              ACS Kernel                    5.10.1d5
acs-lang                ACS Localization              5.10.0
acs-mail-lite           ACS Mail Services Lite        5.10.0
acs-messaging           ACS Messaging                 5.10.0
acs-reference           ACS Reference Data            5.10.0
acs-service-contract    ACS Service Contracts         5.10.0
acs-subsite             ACS Subsite                   5.10.1d1
acs-tcl                 ACS Tcl Library               5.10.1d8
acs-templating          ACS Templating                5.10.1d4
acs-translations        ACS Translation Storage       5.10.0
attachments             Attachments                   0.13
categories              Categories                    1.1.5d4
file-storage            File Storage                  5.10.0
general-comments        General Comments              5.10.0
notifications           Notifications                 5.10.0
oacs-dav                webDAV Support                1.2.0d4
openacs-default-theme   OpenACS Default Theme         5.10.0
ref-countries           Reference Data - Country      5.10.0
ref-language            Reference Data - Language     5.10.0
ref-timezones           Reference Data - Timezone     5.10.0
richtext-ckeditor4      Richtext CKeditor4            0.23
rss-support             RSS Support                   0.5d2
search                  Search                        5.10.0
xotcl-core              XOTcl Core                    5.10.1d4
xowiki                  xowiki                        5.10.1d16