Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: ACS Site-Wide Administration link

Posted by Iuri Sampaio on
Hello Tyge,
There're a couple of places you must go inorder toconfirm that you had reference your instances by the domina name, instead of IP addresses.
1. ACS Kernel parameter: SystemURL
1.1. Go to siteMap /admin/site-map/, and at the bottom, you might find a link named as ACS Kernel. That's the Kernel parameter's page.
1.2. Search for SystemURL. It must be close to the bottom.
1.3. Make sure it's assigned to a DNS, such as

2. Naviserver configuration file. This file probably is located within /usr/local/ns/, named as myinstance-config.tcl
2.1. Open that file with you preferred text editor.
2.2. search for the parameter named as hostname and, make sure it has a DNS assigned such as

3. Lastly but not least. Make sure you have SuppressHttpPort enabled, in case you're using a proxy in front of Naviserver;
3.1. Go to sitemap again, and scroll all the way down to the bottom .
3.2. Search for a link named as ACS Tcl Library, and click on that link
3.3. Switch to parameter's value to 1 in order to suppress HTTP Port, and avoid navigation breaks, such as, when :8000 is opened only to local connections.

Those 3 are the main location, which could cause the problem described by you. Even though, I couldn't tell if they are really the cause of it, as I'd need more context information to guarantee 100%

Let us know if that hope it helps, and/or how you solved the problem.

Best wishes,