Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: ACS Site-Wide Administration link

Posted by Tyge Cawthon on
Gustaf - Thank you very much for your time on explaining the different methods.

I am trying to create three environments:
Development - Alpha

Quality Testing - Beta (identical to product with the exception of data in the database.)

Production - what the general public sees and uses

All three can share the same core OpenACS kernel and Naviserver, OS, but the databases need to be different.

I have tried method one (1), and it works fairly well, but more maintenance. Patching OS, OpenACS, etc. This is what I would like to move away from.

I really like your method two (2). Question: Does the host-node map somehow allow the use of a different database?

For example, If I add to the host-node map will using the host-node map know to use the oacs-5-10-0-qa database verses the oacs-5-10-0-prod? This is possible?

Does the university keep data separate from each host-node map? for example, do each of the 6 domain names have their own separate database?

Thanks again for your time.