Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: Education - Problem Sets

Posted by Carl Robert Blesius on
Here is the new address:
Posted by Walter McGinnis on
Are you going to divide the psets into 3x and 4x?  Have we decided on overall objectives for new versions of psets?  Is it time we built some admin psets?

I just did a search on "pset" in the forums.  You may be aware of this already, but it looks like Todd Gillespie had done some work on 3x, but it will need a rewrite to bring it up to speed with the current state of OpenACS 3.2.5.

Also, here's a handy link to aD's full set of psets care of the wayback machine:

If your look at 4x pset 2, its geared toward teaching developers best practices for building a package and is now very outdated.  It would be nice if we went ahead and updated it to reflect the current state of affairs (new-portals and permissions come to mind).  Perhaps this is already being discussed and this is why it is absent from