Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: Docker ERROR: manifest for oupfiz5/openacs-s6:latest not found

The repos install is based on the CVS install, but there are many options

- a released version (same as the release tar) (e.g. openacs-5-10-0-final)
- the latest released version of a branch (e.g. openacs-5-10-compat)
- the latest version of a branch (e.g. oacs-5-10)

You can see this version also here:

The install-from-repository is based on .apm file and offers you many of these options, but not all. The .apm files are produced evey day and uses the released versions (tagged with -compat) and never offers the latest version of a branch ("catch of the day"), but rather released versions (the release manager has to tag versions accordingly after testing).

When one installs everything from cvs, most people checkout the latest version from a branch. If one does an installation from repository based on this, there might be differences. I had a quick lock into the s5 description of the docker configuration of vlad, it uses "oacs-5-10"), So, it is worth a try to install a version tagged with "oacs-5-10-compat" instead.