Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: Docker ERROR: manifest for oupfiz5/openacs-s6:latest not found

The configuration of the s5 installations allows specifying the CVS tag, so you do not have to install CVS manually.

Anyhow, i looked a little into the problem. This issue is not that the init-scripts are not executed during the "install from the repository", but that the result of these are not available in the last step of the installation script ... which prompts one to restart the server after the installation. Everything is installed correctly, the error could be ignored, after a restart everything is fine.

It is certainly not acceptable to tell a user "ignore this error", so I added a fix to the dotlrn package, where the problem happens, and i have tagged the changes such these are available via "install from repository". So, make sure to upgrade acs-tcl to version "5.10.1d14", then a subsequent installation from repository of dotlrn should lead to version 2.10.1d2, which should install without the error indicated earlier.

Thank you ,

When I initially installed the .lrn and got the error I did reboot the instance several times. Since .lrn changes the links the links did not work but like in the old days with Greenspun I could type in the URL and get access to some few things.

I selected (only) dotlrn to install.
See packages (below) which include the versions of acs-tcl and dotlrn as per your post.
Main Site: ACS Site-Wide Administration: Install Software: Install From OpenACS Repository: Confirm

The packages you want to install require some other packages. These have been added to the list, and are marked below.

This is the list of packages we are going to install.

Please click the link below to begin installation.
Package Version Added
dotLRN 2.10.1d2
New Portal 2.10.0 *
Profile Provider 2.10.0 *
User Profile 2.10.0 *
ACS Tcl Library 5.10.1d14 *
dotLRN Bulk Mail Applet 2.10.0 *
dotLRN Calendar Applet 2.10.0 *
dotLRN Applet 2.10.0 *
dotLRN FAQ Applet 2.10.0 *
dotLRN Forums Applet 2.10.0 *
dotLRN File Storage Applet 2.10.0 *
dotLRN Homework 2.10.0 *
dotLRN News Applet 2.10.0 *
dotLRN Portlet 2.10.0 *
dotLRN Static Applet 2.10.0 *
dotLRN Assessment Applet 2.10.0 *
dotLRN Evaluation Applet 2.10.0 *
Zen Theme 2.10.0 *
Forums Portlet 2.10.0 *
News Portlet 2.10.0 *
Static Portlet 2.10.0 *
FAQ Portlet 2.10.0 *
Calendar Portlet 2.10.0 *
Evaluation 2.10.0 *
Evaluation Portlet 2.10.0 *
Views 2.10.0 *
Assessment 2.10.0 *
Assessment Portlet 2.10.0 *
File Storage Portlet 2.10.0 *
Bulk Mail 2.10.0 *
Bulk Mail Portlet 2.10.0 *

the install is chugging along

Installation Complete

Done installing packages.

» Click here to restart your server now.

I rebooted it 3 times and tailed the logs to see it load.
No matter where I went of did I get

Begin Main Navigation
Begin Main Content
Client Error
The requested file was not found