Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: Docker ERROR: manifest for oupfiz5/openacs-s6:latest not found

This message is some progress and new.
The requested file was not found

I could also reproduce this.

I can also verify that this is only happen on installations from repository.

  • One solution would be to include dotlrn and everything needed in the set of base-files in the docker container, which is no perfect solution, since one never knows how much to include there, updating is more complex, or
  • to identify the problem with the installation from repository properly.

I went a few steps into the latter direction. The problem is that after the installation from repository, the dotlrn package is not properly instantiated and mounted (which was the case for long ago), and since the dotlrn-init file creates the caches only when [dotlrn::is_instantiated] is true, this explain as well to the first problem reported above

invalid command name "::dotlrn::dotlrn_user_cache"

Two question arise: (1) can the problem be fixed by mounting the packages manually, and (2) why is dotlrn not properly mounted,

As a short time measure, do the following
a) navigate in your instance to /acs-admin/install/ and install the developer support and restart
b) when the server comes up, navigate to /ds/shell and type in the window the command

site_node::instantiate_and_mount -package_key dotlrn

After a restart, you should get the usual dialog for creating a professor on /dotlrn