Forum OpenACS Q&A: Docker Compose Container for NaviServer, OpenACS, Project-Open

I updated the docker containers for NaviServer, including nsf 2.4:

* FROM sussdorff/naviserver:4.99.24

Based on this, we have multiple OpenACS docker containers (as I needed versions from 5.8 - 5.10 for upgrading).
* sussdorff/openacs:5.10-compat (:oacs-5-10, :oacs-5-9, :oacs-5-8).

All versions come with docker-compose files so you can start your containers (including an appropriate version of PostgreSQL).

Those of you interested in project-open:

* sussdorff/project-open:5.10 - This is PO 5.1 running of OpenACS 5.10-compat
* sussdorff/project-open:po-50 - Offical project-open release with project-open included versions of openacs. Useful if you need to upgrade.
* sussdorff/project-open:trans-5.10 Project-Open with a modern frontend utilizing webix single page application with custom cognovis-rest package, which allows for ad_proc documentation driven OpenAPI 3 schemas.

I'd be happy for feedback what can be improved on the containers.

If you are interested to learn more about our Webix SPA / cognovis-rest combination I can delve into this in a separate thread. It is fairly dependent on project-open though (for categories and other pieces of code).


The project-open:trans-5.10 sounds so good to me. I have put a request out to my more docker able associates to see if they can create a Dockerfile that works.

Any other information and a link to a demo would be appreciated.

Thank you