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Posted by Brian Fenton on
Hi Joe

Voice looks great, by the way! We moved from AOLserver to Naviserver about 5 years ago, and it really was a pretty smooth transition. I highly recommend doing it, as Naviserver has so many improvements. We were on Windows but it should be much easier on Linux.

Like you we were on an old OpenACS fork and in the end after much debate, we decided against upgrading OpenACS itself.

We use Oracle, so I can't really comment on the Postgres side of things.


7: Re: New OpenACS (response to 6)
Posted by Joe Oldak on

Thanks for the helpful comments.

After spending a day experimenting, my current thinking is to use new Linux but keep PostgreSQL 8.4 (for now at least), and update only what is necessary in our code to work with NaviServer. Then look at incorporating more OpenACS updates and new db versions as a longer term project.

Looking at the documentation, I think the ns_cache_transaction features of NaviServer could be very useful - I've always found it annoying that when a transaction is aborted the cache is left in a potentially wrong state!