Forum OpenACS Development: Re: Fresh install of OpenACS 5.10 on Oracle 19c

Posted by Gustaf Neumann on
Dear Raul,

I am currently on vacation, so here is just a short replay. This error message means, that the include files for Oracle client programs are either missing in your installation, or not found on the default location(e.g. these are on a different path).

Note, that according to nsoracle/README, one has to set ORACLE_HOME variable first.

From the README file:

  Compilation works for Oracle with Oracle client libs
  Version (instant client package and
  instant client package SDK, 64-bit). After downloading from e.g.,
  install this library e.g. under /usr/local/src/oracle
  and set ORACLE_HOME accordingly.

     export ORACLE_HOME=/usr/local/src/oracle/instantclient_19_8/

  After downloading the client libraries, ORACLE_HOME should include

     # includes: under $ORACLE_HOME/sdk/include/
     # libraries: $ORACLE_HOME/lib/

  To build and install the binary under NaviServer, use e.g.

     make install