Forum OpenACS Development: Re: Error upgrading from 5.10.0 to head

Posted by Gustaf Neumann on
Oops, I misread your question, you did not want to upgrade the HEAD branch, but to the newest version of the oacs-5-10 branch (what I actually suggested)..... sorry.

I will look into this when possible.

Posted by Keith Paskett on
The problem was that I did not have xotcl-core installed.

I hit the problem on a website that had been upgraded to 5.10.0 from 5.9.1, and didn't have xotcl-core installed.

Then when verifying the problem, I did a fresh install of 5.10.0 and attempted upgrading it to 5.10.1. But again, I failed to install xotcl-core on the 5.10.0 fresh install.

If I install the xotcl-core package on the 5.10.0 version, then the upgrade to 5.10.1 runs without errors.

Posted by Gustaf Neumann on
Hi Keith,

many thanks for the diagnosis! I will try to remove the hidden dependency on xotcl-core!

all the best