Forum OpenACS Development: Re: Error upgrading from 5.10.0 to head

Posted by Gustaf Neumann on
Hi Keith,

the issue should be sorted out by now. The dependency on xotcl-core was subtle and not easy to spot: it was a setting that redefinition of classes should not perform a full cleanup. Such a redefinition happens during upgrade and caused to issue. This is now fixed in the oacs-5-10 branch.

Here is, what I used for testing.

# Get a fresh installation of OpenACS 5.10.0 from cvs:
mkdir /local/usr/local/src/openacs-core-5.10.0/
cd /local/usr/local/src/openacs-core-5.10.0
cvs checkout -r openacs-5-10-0-final acs-core
mv openacs-4/* .
mkdir log
sudo chgrp -R nsadmin .
sudo chmod -R g+w  .

# # create/recreate the database # sudo -u postgres $PGBIN/dropdb -U nsadmin $DB sudo -u postgres $PGBIN/createdb -U nsadmin $DB

# # Start the server and create instance. # Restart the server and log in. # Make upgrade on file system to the newest version of oacs-5-10.

cvs -q up -r oacs-5-10 -Pd

# # In OpenACS, navigate to /acs-admin/install/ and upgrade from local file system # Mark all, click "install packages". # Restart finally the server

Maybe someone else can use this to reduce typing on upgrade attempts.