Forum OpenACS Development: Announcement: NaviServer 4.99.27 available

Dear all,

I am glad to announce that the release of NaviServer 4.99.27 is available at SourceForge [1]. This release is a pure bug-fix and maintenance release, which fixes a bug annoying for some OpenACS users. See below for a summary of the changes.

Furthermore, the online documentation at Sourceforge is now more mobile-friendly and contains a simple version switcher for the stable release branch (4.99) and the main branch, which will be released as 5.0.

All the best!

-gustaf neumann

NaviServer 4.99.27, released 2023-08-09

 46 files changed, 739 insertions(+), 172 deletions(-)

New Features:
 - None

Bug Fixes:

 - Bug fix: fixed potential crash when fallbackCharset is not defined
   in the configuration file (using outdated configuration)

 - Bug fix for fastpath in connection with "ns_serverrootproc"

   Earlier versions of NaviServer initialized for fastpath the
   interpreter with the connection conditionally, and rather late.
   When "ns_serverrootproc" is configured, the interpreter with its
   linkage to the connection is needed very early in the request.  Now
   it is ensured, that the interpreted is registered for the
   connection when the callback is issued.

   NaviServer 5 will have more changes in this respect.

   Many thanks to Georg Lehner for reporting this bug and testing.

 - Fixed various spelling errors in source code and documentation

 - Documentation:
    * fixed documentation bugs
    * modernized examples

 - Ease debugging, how values for "ns_conn location" are determined

Configuration Files:

- Added sample section for charset mapping to sample-config.tcl

The following list contains just bug fixes, new features will
be documented with NaviServer 5.0.

 - nsdbpg:
    * Fixed potential crash in Tcl, when Database contains UTF-8
      characters invalid to Tcl 8.6. Crash was observed in
      "string tolower $var".
    * Fixed potential crash, when bind variables are passed via
      explicit "-bind" option, but variable binding was missing

 - nsoracle:
    * Reduced verbosity: For debug messages of the driver
      implementation, use again "Debug" severity to avoid too much
      verbosity, when looking for slow queries ("Debug(sql)" severity
      of nsdb).
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