Forum OpenACS Development: K-Sortable Unique Identifiers (KSUIDs) for TCL/NaviServer

Greetings to all,

This is a TCL/C implementation of Segment's KSUID library. The TCL module repository is here: ksuid-tcl.

KSUID stands for K-Sortable Unique IDentifier. It is a kind of globally unique identifier similar to a UUID, built from the ground-up to be "naturally" sorted by generation timestamp without any special type-aware logic. In short, running a set of KSUIDs through the UNIX sort command will result in a list ordered by generation time.

Some organizations like to prefix KSUIDs with some prefix that denotes the type of the object that the id is used for, e.g. cus_2VB3rZ7VN8syq2WsQDdWt6DdvSi for a customer. As you can see the text representation is copy-and-paste friendly.

If you need further info, please do not hesitate and contact me.

PS. Make sure you run the tests to make sure all is good on your system.