Forum OpenACS Development: In openacs 5.10 under oracle, file storage display error

File Storage 5.10.1d3 uses cr_write_content-file at packages/acs-content-repository/tcl/revision-procs.tcl when displaying/downloading a file. The line 115 'set filename $path$content' is not pointing to the file. If the line is changed back to 'set filename [db_string write_file_content ""]', it will point to the correct file.
Dear Josue, the issue is indeed a regression, where a data-model difference between Oracle and Postgres was not taken into account.

One further step could be to address this data-model difference once and for all, for instance, by moving the content of cr_revisions.filename into cr_revisions.content for file revisions, then dropping cr_revisions.filename in Oracle. Unfortunately, I am not able to test if this approach would be correct...

Feel free to comment and please have a look if the fix does it for you.

Thanks a lot for reporting!