Forum OpenACS Development: Announcement: NaviServer 4.99.30 available

Dear all,

I am glad to announce that the release of NaviServer 4.99.30 is available at SourceForge [1]. This release contains a small improvement to reduce the log file verbosity on busy sites (many thanks to Brian for the suggestion) and contains minor fixes for certain configurations, improved timing information under error conditions, and improved support for cluster configurations for OpenACS.

As discussed before on the NaviServer developer mailing list, the repository of NaviServer was moved from Bitbucket to GitHub [2] due to changes in the Bitbucket billing rules and the consequences for open source repositories. The plan is to empty the NaviServer Bitbucket repository in the near future. Please adjust your install/update scripts to point to the new link, when you use these in automated installation scripts or git checkouts. The installation scripts from [3] have been adjusted to GitHub as well.

All the best!
-gustaf neumann


NaviServer 4.99.30, released 2024-01-26

 35 files changed, 700 insertions(+), 333 deletions(-)

New Features: ------------- - Global Parameter "sockacceptlog" (Commit a8b5f33c): Introduced a new global parameter "sockacceptlog" to define a threshold for logging, when to inform the user about a high number of incoming connections in a single accept callback.

Bug Fixes: ---------- - Compilation Issues (Commit 0b72baa7): Fixed compilation issues when compiled without OpenSSL or zlib support. - Meaningful End-Times on Connection Errors (Commit 929d55be): Ensured meaningful end-times are provided during connection errors in ns_http. - Rework of "rejectalreadyclosedconn" (Commit f0963834): Reworked the "rejectalreadyclosedconn" for safer operations and logging. - Shutdown Callbacks and Spoolers (Commit 0f0ea439): Change shutdown order to let shutdown callbacks use spoolers. This is beneficial for cluster mode in OpenACS, where other cluster nodes should be be informed about the shutdown of a node (Used by OpenACS).

Changes in Sample Configuration Files: -------------------------------------- - Oracle Startup Configurable (Commit 1ee7fef): Made startup configuration for Oracle databases adjustable in openacs-config.tcl. - Use Uppercase Memory Units (Commit 2f96dc62): Standardized memory units to uppercase in openacs-config.tcl. - Removed Custom Setting for "connsperthread" (Commit 823b68b2): Removed the custom setting for "connsperthread" in openacs-config.tcl to avoid misconceptions. - Backported nsd-config.tcl and openacs-config.tcl from main branch to improve maintainability

Misc Improvements: ------------------ - Library Initialization After Command Line Processing (Commit fc3ee12b): Moved library initialization to occur after command line processing to avoid potential unexpected output. - Timeout Information in Warning Messages (Commit 12fe7805): Enhanced warning messages to include timeout value information. - Improved Robustness of Regression Rest (Commit bcc309716) - Compatibility Improvements: * Improved Forward Compatibility for Tcl9 (Commit d9e15fb6) * Improved Cross Compilation for certain ARM Processors in .m4 setup (Commit e1071fcf) * Improved Include Path for macOS (Commit 120dcafce): Updated the include path for cppcheck under newer macOS versions.