Forum OpenACS Development: Re: Embedding xowiki portlets in different packages

Posted by Eduardo Santos on
Hy everybody,

I know this forum is a little bit old, but it has something to do with my client's need, and need to find a way out of this. I'm using dotlrn 2.2.0 and OpenACS 5.2.3 and I'm trying to develop some kind of dotlrn applet for xowiki. The idea here is to make every community have its own instance of xowiki, where they can put their documentation.

There are a lot of workarounds, such as put a static-portlet with a link to the page in my xowiki instance wich is already created, but I want a better solution. I want to make the package create a new instance for the community, with all the permissions and users already able to see it. My idea is to insert another page in the community, where the xowiki link will be, something like /dotlrn/clubs/XOWIKI_INSTANCE already inserted in the portal_pages.

It seemed to be an easy task, but I'm facing some troubles. Can anyone help me to solve this?

Posted by Gustaf Neumann on
see for using xowiki pages as dotlrn portal elements