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Posted by Ben Koot on
Most acs modules display duplicate headers. One at the top of the page in an unusual large font, and one smaller. Would it be possible to delete the top header in the source code by default. It's realy anoying and doen't seem to be serving any functional purpose.


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Posted by Dave Bauer on

I am not sure exactly what you are referring to. Please let us know which version of OpenACS you are talking about. Also please give us an example of one page or package that exhibits this behavior.

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Posted by Ben Koot on
Hi Dave, Well, Photodb for example. But it also happens in Blogger You will see the title appear both in large and in small font. It might be an idea to build in an option to hide th headers. Cheers Ben
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Posted by Jeff Davis on
Duplicate headers happen because we moved the title and context bar out of the package local master and to the sitewide master. I think lars-blogger had been fixed but I think photo-album might still be broken.

the way to fix it is make sure that you don't have title and context_bar in the page or package local master if you have one. I will check those two modules monday and make sure they have been fixed.

the top of any package page (with a few exceptions) should look like

<property name="title">@title@</property>
<property name="context">@context@</property>
Where context should be the list of lists as passed to ad_context_bar.

You should not have title and context bar in you page and instead defer rendering of such persistent elements to the sitewide master.

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Posted by Ben Koot on
Thanks Jef