Forum OpenACS Q&A: Threaded Programs with ns_thread or dqd_threadpool on 4.6

Has anyone written a threaded program for OpenACS 4.x?
Has anyone written one using dqd_threadpool?

I have been working on one for 4.6, it keeps crashing the Web server, and I am not getting any indication from the logs as to why. This is my first time using dqd_threadpool, but several years ago when I wrote 3.x problem set one's book price finder using ns_thread -- it worked without drama. However, I can't get dqd_threadpool or ns_thread to work consistently on 4.6.

Is there anything in OpenACS 4.6 that may cause problems for threaded apps?

I use dqd_threadpool in support of my jabber module. Not sure of the OpenACS version , but it is about a year old. I use two pools. One has 8 threads max for dividing up incoming requests. One is a single thread, I use it to protect the send queue.

MaxThreads=  8
MinThreads=  4
MaxIdle =   30
Trace  =    off
MaxThreads=  1
MinThreads = 0
MaxIdle  =  30
Trace    =  off