Forum .LRN Q&A: Re: dotlrn-xowiki and xowiki-portlet available

Posted by Gustaf Neumann on
... get rid of static portlets
that was not the intention
... install from URL process would work :-). At least on my Ubuntu it failed miserably
What is "install from url"? most likely, this requires manifest.xml etc. yes, it has to be installed "manually", by untaring the apm file in the package directory for now.
You added the page to xowiki, but did not increase the version and the dependency ... so I had to first update XoWIKI in ...
i did increas the version number and provided the dependency. the new version (since 9h) is xowiki 0.44, the dependency for this version is in
... I wonder if there is a parameter to NOT display the editing links (or search aso.)
Well the idea of the wiki is to let people edit the contents (if they have the permissions). Also index etc. makes sense IMHO to get access to the full wiki.

Concerning parameters: for portal elements, there are the portal_element_parameters (which seem to have no user-friendly interface). in general, with portal_element_parameters it is possible with little work to specify per portal element different the xowiki templates.

for now, change e.g. in xowiki-portlet/www/xowiki-portlet.adp "view-links" to "view-plain" to get rid of the links.... or roll your own template.

Last but not least, will you commit it to CVS ?
if there is enough interest, why not.

Posted by Jose Pablo Escobedo Del Cid on
That's great news! thanks Gustaf. I had already implemented a quick "integration" of xowiki and .LRN with the static portlet with a link to a xowiki instance solution. But this is much better :)

Just one comment/bug: the content of the portlet doesn't fit in correctly.


Jose Pablo

Posted by Gustaf Neumann on
Just one comment/bug: the content of the portlet doesn't fit in correctly.
are you talking about the default index page?
This seems to be a css problem which does not like to see
a "portlet-title" or "portal" css class within another "portal".

if this is the problem, edit the index page and add "-decoration plain" to the includelets (between the double curly braces, without the quotes) to see the effect.

Try to write a text page, it should fit nicely.