Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: Education - Problem Sets

Posted by Carl Robert Blesius on

I am going to concentrate on 4.x psets as I work through them. There is enough material floating around to keep me busy on the side for at least a month or two. Any help I can get updating them would be great (it is an ETP instance which makes collaboration easy... anyone who is willing to help should send me a mail telling me what they are willing to do).

Focus Now:

  • Collecting and updating what we already have. Starting with basics and tips (introducing OpenACS and the tools people can use to help).
  • Simplification of existing problems sets so that they give a general overview of what can be done with OpenACS and AOLServer
  • Examples that use existing tools to create little applications quickly and easily
  • Focus later:

    • Best Practices
    • OASJ
    • I am not sure if the examples should permanently live where they are right now. It might make more sense to include them in ACS Core Documents so people can install everything and go off into the woods and play with localhost

      I welcome any suggestions and/or help. I should eventually reach a point where I need both anyhow. :-)