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27: SQL:2003 OLAP links (response to 26)
Posted by Andrew Piskorski on
As an FYI (both to myself and others), Oracle's SQL:2003 OLAP support (SQL:2003 features T611 and T612), which I first learned about in this old thread, is very, very handy. Here are a few links to various list archives where I've talked about it more since, given various addition links, etc.:

MonetDB on 2006-01-25 (with lots of links). SQLite on 2005-05-23 (with a trivial dense_rank example), 2005-10-13 (EMA, no recursive queries), and again on 2005-10-13.

Although I know little about it, I suspect the vector-oriented kdb database has similar order-aware functionality, although derived from the APL world, rather than from SQL extensions hacked onto the fundamentally un-ordered relational model. Wippler's Vlerq may be going in a similar direction, although from yet another background.

I've heard that there is some academic work out there on database models which natively understand order, and form more powerful supersets of Codd's relational model. I would have called that a "vector relation model" or an "ordered relation model", but bizarrely, apparently what it's actually called is a "set model"! I have not read it, but The Set Model for Database and Information Systems by Mikhail M. Gilula was recommended to me on that subject.