Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: First OpenACS Training in Brazil

Posted by Eduardo Santos on
I was going to say something about it, but as Iuri already did, I'm gonna supply you with more information.

The Brazilian Government is creating a new portal, that intends to host all the free software solutions developed by its organizations. So, the idea is to have a huge community where everybody can use the softwares and collaborate with it. The best news about it is that the portal is an OpenACS installation, with the .LRN community system.

So, as part of the contract, we are going to provide a free OpenACS training for the people who are responsible for the free software solutions in Brasil. The portal is going to be mentioned at the 8th International Free Software Forum in Brasil, wich is going to happen in April ( and we'll be launching soon the first OpenACS community in Brasil, hosted by the same portal.

It's a great oportunnity for the software, and the very best news is: there's a real possibility that the governmet becomes sponsor for the OpenACS community. It's not for sure, but there's a real possibility.

Anyways, if you have any questions about it, email me and I'll supply you with more info.