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Posted by Eduardo Santos on
Well I'll try. I'm not a journalist myself...

First OpenACS training in Brasil

From february 26th to march 9th the firt OpenACS training will happen in Brasília, Brasil. As an iniciative of the Brazillian government, the goal is to provide the people involved in the Portal do Software Público Brasileiro project knowledgment about the software.

The Brazillian government has been investing a lot of time and money in free software, and there are a lot of them produced by the goverment institutions. The first one was the inventary system CACIC, wich community in the country has more than 10.000 users without any kind of merchandise. Trying to improve the community enviroment, they choose OpenACS and .LRN as development framework.

In order to make the software most well known in the government instituions, the government planning branch, Ministério do Planejamento, is promoting a trainment. Open for all the free software community, it's a great opportunity to know more about the OpenACS and its structures.

The trainment is going to be made by the Arpatech Core Team, wich includes Eduardo Santos, Rodrigo Proença and Alessandro Landim. The most important use cases will be studied in the course, such as Embrapa (more than 5.000 users in the Catir project) and MEC (mor than five years in knowledge management). More info can be found at the address , where the first OpenACS community in Brasil is already hosted.

February 26th - March 9th
Ministério do Planejamento
Brasília - DF, Brasil

+55 61 3313-1468