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Posted by Jon Griffin on
Is this package supposed to be usable?

I just installed the latest version from APM and have to say, I can't make heads or tails from it.

It appears that it is half finished at best. If I click on add, I get javascript(void), can't add contacts?, why is this in the APM at all.

Also, group add doesn't seem to work and I can't delete already existing groups that I don't want.

I remember someone saying that it was supposed to import registered users, I can't find that option anywhere.

2: Re: Contacts (response to 1)
Posted by Jon Griffin on
I did some more checking, the contacts are in but the UI doesn't display anything.
If I hit search, it shows 2 found or whatever the number is and then nothing on the index page.

I am lost, certainly my end users couldn't figure this out.

3: Re: Contacts (response to 1)
Posted by Jon Griffin on
The drop script is also completely non functional. I will uninstall by hand.
4: Re: Contacts (response to 1)
Posted by Malte Sussdorff on
It is in the APM? To my knowledge it should not be, at least I did not tag it :).

Importing registered users should happen automatically, but seems to be broken at the moment.

It is not officially released as there are still some things to clean up. Furthermore it requires installed and working Ajax (should be marked in the required packages).

But again, no clue why you could install it from the APM.

5: Re: Contacts (response to 1)
Posted by Jon Griffin on
It is definitely in there.
It looks like someone brought in all kinds of packages. Most of them not ready.
It lists acs-tcl 5.4 something and other.
Whoever imported the package list needs to back out the head stuff.