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Posted by John Sequeira on
Sure.  Here's the 'readme'.

Note that nstcl is a _dependency_ of what I'm doing -> they're not synonymous. I use nstcl to get code that uses some of the AOLServer API to run outside of AOLServer.  My goal (which I'm closing in on) is to implement _all_ of the AOLServer API, so that arbitrary OpenACS code can run on an arbitrary web server, or just plain in tclsh for debugging.

Also,  since the below was written I've got some of the HTML generation working.

If you want,  I'll post the tarball somewhere more accessible than this site's file-storage.


This is the portable.nsd release of OpenACS,  a framework allowing you to (someday) run OpenACS  applications beyond AOLServer.

It consists of
1) a set of redefined TCL commands,  which map AOLServer function to it's appropriate analog in FastCGI or tclsh  (tclsh only at this time).
2) a source code preprocessor which eliminates query dispatcher XQL files.
3) a set of patches to the openacs source code which essentially comment out incompatible functionality.  Currently I'm distributing the entire modified source tree which contains a small number of openacs core packages.  Once I've identified what packages can be supported,  I can look into distributing something closer to the minimum required code.

Installation Steps

1) Config file

Config file parsing doesn't yet work in this release. You must edit the config file values directly in ns_misc.tcl  (see the ns_config and ns_info commands).

2) Database

Execute "createdb <database_name>".  The default name is "openacs".

3) Packages
To run the installer,  type "tclsh install.tcl".  This loads all the openacs tcl libraries and runs the auto-install code.  The end result should be a working openacs postgres database.

That's all that's working for now.  Hopefully I'll have the request processor and adp/HTML generation working soon.

John Sequeira
October 2002