Forum OpenACS Development: new-portal, dotLRN, and I18N

Posted by Peter Marklund on
I am finishing up the I18N work on (the old) new-portal that lives in the dotlrn repository and I was wondering what the status of the refactored new-portal in the openacs repository is?

Does the refactored new-portal work with .LRN? Can I start I18N work on it?

Posted by Arjun Sanyal on
The status of the "new" new-portal (renamed to just "portal") is in development. We'er getting closer, but we need some more time to get it ready.

portal will work with dotlrn eventually, but since we'er cleaning up the APIs to make it easier to create portlets, there will be some integration work to be done.

i ask that you hold off doing the I18N work until portal is tested and ready to be used.