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4: Re: xowiki 0.47 (response to 3)
Posted by Eduardo Santos on
Hi everybody,

I don't know if it's related to the new version of xowiki, but I found some bug on xinha. It seems like everytime we try to put a link in the editor, such as


the xinha editor kills the outside piece of the link. So, when we use it to send an email, the messgae to be sent will have the link like this:


Let me know if I put this in the wrong place so I can redirect the post.

5: Re: xowiki 0.47 (response to 4)
Posted by Gustaf Neumann on

your question is primarily a xinha issue, not an xowiki issue. To be more precide, mozilla mangles the URLs, but xinha has some options to deal with such issues.

The actual version of Xinha (in cvs head) has the following config parameter in this regards:

// specify a base href for relative links
this.baseHref = null;

// when the editor is in different directory depth as the edited page relative image sources
// will break the display of your images
// this fixes an issue where Mozilla converts the urls of images and links that are on the same server
// to relative ones (../) when dragging them around in the editor (Ticket #448)
this.expandRelativeUrl = true;

// we can strip the base href out of relative links to leave them relative, reason for this
// especially if you don't specify a baseHref is that mozilla at least (& IE ?) will prefix
// the baseHref to any relative links to make them absolute, which isn't what you want most the time.
this.stripBaseHref = true;

// see if the text just typed looks like a URL, or email address
// and link it appropriatly
this.convertUrlsToLinks = true;

The version of Xinha in oacs-5-3 or earlier does not have expandRelativeUrl and convertUrlsToLinks.

i would recommend to try the xinha version (and richtext-procs,blank-master) from CVS head, setting

xinha_config.convertUrlsToLinks = 0;

in blank-master before makeEditors() is called.

On your XoWiki page, write

[[http://servertest/dotlrn/clubs/club/file-storage/view/File.pdf|My pretty PDF File]]

instead (well the forum makes from the url a link, just write the url). This should resolve such issues.

6: Re: xowiki 0.47 (response to 5)
Posted by Eduardo Santos on
Thanks Gustaf, I knew it was not a xowiki issue, but I thought you could help me. Next time I'll look for it in the xinha forums.

Anyway, your suggestion worked just fine. Thank you for that. Did you commit this option to the blank master in HEAD? Just in case somebody else has the same trouble.