Forum OpenACS Development: xowiki problem when moving data from one site to another

Tonight I attempted to clone a site, and ran into trouble with the xowiki::File objects.

I did what I always do, which was:
- dump source database
- edit to change URL
- load destination database
- check destination files out from CVS
- copy over files in content-repository-content-files from source to destination site

That generally does the trick. But this time I'm working with a graphic designer who loaded her images into xowiki as File objects and then refers to them with /image/<imagename>?m=download in her HTML. This worked ok on the site she built, but in the copy the images do not display.

Any ideas what I might have missed? I don't think it's a permissions issue because the same user owns/runs both sites.

Has the old site the same package versions as the new site?
Was "/image/?m=download" really the exact url?
Can it be that you ran out of disk space when copying the content-repository-files?

In general, there is not much magic about xowiki::File objects. Check out, whether the files exist and have a sensible size in the fs.

select i.item_id,, content, content_length from cr_items i, cr_revisions r where content_type = '::xowiki::File' and r.revision_id = i.live_revision;

Btw, the actual version of xowiki in CVS head supports import and export of xowiki instances including files (these are encoded as base64 in the serialized representation). You might check, whether this solves your problem without looking into the details.

Just to wrap this up, the next day the images were all there, so this must have been a caching issue or something. I thought I restarted the site to check for that, but who knows? So the steps I took apparently were complete after all.