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Posted by Jamie Rasmussen on
Another good AOLserver chat last night. SourceForge is down but hopefully we can upload the log soon. You can also see it here. My unofficial summary:

Core Team

The final list of nominees and voting instructions should be coming this evening. Jeff Hobbes convinced AOL to have four community members on the core team instead of three. AOL will still have three representatives.

Documentation Effort

We're making progress but can still use volunteers.

Integrating ad13+oacs1 patches

The need to keep the core server generic, simple, and clean is stressed. AOL agrees that i18n support in 3.x is important enough that it shouldn't wait for 4.0. They will review any core patches we submit for inclusion in 3.6. [Who wants to work on this? Please let me know.]


The 4.0 roadmap is still in the works. 4.0 should be mostly backwards compatible - Zoran mentions that some Ns_DString functions have gone away and Nathan says there will be subtle differences in the way the server initializes things. AOL is still upgrading things to 3.5 internally, but will be testing 4.0 upgrades soon. They'll keep notes.

Lamar suggests changing the name back to NaviServer, Nathan says a vote might be possible at some point. Dossy suggests getting T-shirts made, Nathan will check with AOL's lawyers.

This wasn't actually mentioned during the chat, but Jim has checked some Win32 stuff into the 3.5 tree. Win32 nsthreads won't be using Redhat's pthread lib after all. We are working on a few last issues.